Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday Chukkers

On Sunday afternoon expensive cars lined up and rolled in. Ladies in their sun dresses, big floppy hats and heels grab their small dogs and sipped their wine. Men adjusted their hats and smoked their cigars. Miss Kansas even decided to show up.  It was the opening game over at Fairfield Polo Club and the first chukker (period) had started. My mom had grown up on a polo field and had worked alot with the horses as a young girl and I had yet to even see a polo game. The Thoroughbreds (or as they say - ponies) raced from either end of the 300 yard long field and the mallets swung from side to side, hooking others and clubbing the ball up into the air. At halftime everyone stormed the field and stomped in the divots with champagne center field. It was a scene straight from the film Pretty Woman. I walked through the trailers and met a player on her break. She just happened to be a graphic designer at my old college. They even had some talented players from Argentina, one of the top countries for polo. Thank goodness the heat wasn't in the three digits because I had a blast. Maybe on another lazy Sunday I'll stop by and enjoy some more polo.

Interested in a polo school in Argentina? Learn from some pros and check out this link I found on this weekends magazine rack: http://polodays.com/

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