Other Life Lists

I'm the kind of person that can't think straight or get things done without a handy dandy list. Yeah, I'm personality type "The Organizer", it annoys my husband. So here is a short list (may become longer as I think of more things) that I hope to accomplish within the next year.

Start: January 2012
Finish: January 2013

OLD: 2011-2012 Life List

Travel Now:
Visit 1 new cities in Mexico (1/1) (Isla Mujeres Coast)
Visit 3 new cities in the US (2/3) (Santa Monica, Dallas)
Take 2 road trips anywhere (1/2) (Kansas City)
Do 2 things off my Bucket List (1/2) (Whale Sharks)
Swim with one of God's creatures (1/1) (Whale Sharks)
Visit 1 friend outside of Kansas (0/1)

Write 10 letters to our sponsored child (1/10)
Get 2 people to sponsor a CFCA child (0/2) (Will you?)
Do 5 short term volunteer activities (0/5)
Pray daily
Make 1 new friend (0/1) b/c they all moved away!

Write 4 travel articles outside my blog (0/4)
Get 1 more freelance client (0/1)
Teach my dog 1 new trick (0/1)

PhotoBox Studios:
Create a blog/website by March '12
Shoot 1 client a weekend starting in Spring '12
Invest in camera equipment - (New Camera!)

Read 5 book (5/5) (New Moon, Eclipse, Hunger Games, Mockingjay, Catching Fire)
Do the Intro To Scuba Diving class
Try the Firing Range
Ride Horses in a Trail Ride

Physical Activity:
Swim a mile 10 times (1/10)
Improve my back (constant)
Run a mile comfortably
Lose 15 lbs (-12 lbs)
Train for a Swim Expedition in '12 or '13 OR
Try a Triathlon at the Y '12 or '13

Food And Drink:
Cook 5 new recipes (1/5) (Veggie Quiche)
Bake 5 new desserts (0/5)
Try 5 new true Mexican dishes (0/5)

Go to 1 concert (1/1) (Jim Brickman)