Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oklahoma City Tour & New Puppies

Yes, we are road-tripping again. This time it's through Oklahoma. And I'm not going to lie, Oklahoma is pretty dang bland. I knew that going into it, so I was going to try and find some stuff to spice it up. Plus, we weren't just going there to find adventure or entertainment and new life experiences (even though we had a little of that last one). We were going there to pick up a new member of the family.  A little Sheltie puppy. And I just love him.

I had done some research to try and find dumb crap along the way to look at and make fun of, but I really didn't find a whole lot even worth my time. Jav believes that the US just doesn't have enough history (unlike Mexico) so we just have to make dumb museums out of random stuff we stumble upon. I think he's right. But what I did find was in Oklahoma City. We drove in late on a Friday night and checked out the Bricktown. It was my hometowns version of Old Town but with an interesting canal throughout and a hint of San Antonio's River Walk. It was actually really nice. It was dead for a Friday night but nice. They did have some well known bars though like Coyote Ugly. They even had some fun Water Taxis that took you around the whole Bricktown area for only $8. What I also liked was that everyone wasn't all dressed up like hoochie mamas at the bars. So I felt right at home in my shorts and tshirt. 

But I think there is a reason I didn't see fancy girls flashin their goods. Oklahoma is very poor. And you can till that the bad economy really has hit the area hard. One step out of the downtown main area and it's pretty sad. Shoot, we even booked a hotel that is normally ok, well priced and doable and it ended up being up there with one of the worst hotel stays ever. Sure we were going really cheap with our budget but omg! Lets just say, we were tempted to just sleep in our car and had to buy new sheets at the Walmart in order to even sleep on the bed. But I must say, if you're into cowboys and the old Route 66 then you may love it. Just wasn't my thing.

The trip the next day got WAY better. I remembered last minute that the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial was there and I had yet to actually see it in person. So we toured that in less than an hour and headed out to Western Ok to pick up the puppy. Here we traveled through Cherokee territory, the Santa Fe Trail and Route 66. The whole way back up North our new puppy just buried himself behind our necks and every nook and cranny he could find. I was glad to be home bound.

Photos 1& 6 - by Javier

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