Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weekly Obsession: Photo Heat Maps

Recently I ran across this article on PetaPixel called Big City Heat Maps. A guy named Eric Fischer went and collect geolocation data from sites like Flickr and Picasa and created these maps. The blue points represents photos taken by the locals, red points are tourists and yellow are points taken from people that couldn't be determined. It really does shows the "hot spots" of these frequently visited cities and it's very interesting to see it this graphic form. It's even fun to point out the San Fran bridge and Alcatraz and the many spots in Paris. I think it could also stand alone and make some interesting art, especially for map lovers like me!

Photo 1: San Francisco
Photo 2: Paris
See other photos here at PetaPixel


mina said...

that is so cool!

Christy said...

I know huh! Love your blog too by the way.You look like you are having so much fun!

Jamie said...

Thanks for checking out our blog at We really like your blog too, the hot spots are cool, we hadn't seen it before.
Be sure to check back at our site, we are loving Mexico!
Jamie and Jess