Thursday, July 29, 2010

Travel Journal #5 - Street Food

Food Carts - I love them. Half the time they end up making me run to el baño the next morning but sometimes it's well worth it. When I lived in México I always looked forward to eating at one of the food carts. It was like eating out but oh so much more friendly on the wallet. I think the experience is even more fulfilling then in a restaurant because you get to watch your food be prepared, slaved over and put onto your plastic sheet covered plate (they have found a way to not do dishes!). And a car? Who needs a car, just walk down the street and you're at the blocks hottest eatery. In Leon, Guanajuato I had the stations mapped out in my head and knew exactly which ones were rough on the gut and which ones left me wishing for more. I loved sitting at the stools, nose to the cart's plastic protective window watching the knife slice away and trying to decide which of the awesome extras to sprinkle or pour onto my taco. Every once in a while I still crave it like I crave a brownie. It's odd. But once you do it, you too will be hooked and it'll leave you whistling to the cook and saying "Un mas por favor! Muy rico."

These sketches are by Eduardo Yaguas on Flickr. They are set in Lima, Peru.


Jamie said...

Right with you there on that one. Love the food, but even more the experience. Especially when the 'chef' is up for a chat. I think baleadas in Honduras tops my list of favourite street foods.
Jamie from

12Eighty-One: Photography said...

Food carts are "where its at". I have friends that are using them for coffee and espresso and friends that are wanting to get into using the food cart. The atmosphere is unbeatable and for a small business owner expansive doors can be open!
More food carts please!

Christy said...

Hi Drew! I know huh? I even wish there were some here in downtown Wichita. I could really use some fast, cheap, good food without having to go into a restaurant.