Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Las Marietas Islands Puerto Vallarta - Part 2

The best part of our tour to Las Marietas Islands was this secret beach. To get there you had to dive through the waters that rushed through a rock wall and pop out the other end (see background of 1st photo). It was only possible when the tide was down and we still had to be careful and keep our hands above our heads so that we weren't slammed into rock with the help of a wave.

My sister and I were the last ones in and we noticed everyone was floundering around on the beach like beached whales. What we didn't know was that the pull of the waves back through the tunnel was so strong no one could keep their footing. We all sacrificed a few "sand burns" as we rolled around laughing hysterically. The echo of our laughs were heard all the way back on the boat where my dad stayed behind. We all marveled at the sparkling blue water and the fresh patterns in the sand made by crazy waves. As you looked up at the ridge of earth circling you, you couldn't help but feel you were experiencing a scene straight from the movie The Beach.

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