Saturday, March 27, 2010

Las Marietas Islands Puerto Vallarta - Part 1

Here is a little photo essay of our gringo outing. I was thinking about doing some zip line adventures but I knew my back probably wouldn't handle it well. But on the other hand, I had gifted two of my good friends with entire snorkel sets for taking the time and money to come down to Puerto Vallarta, México. So I figured we need to put that equipment to use. Plus, what's a vacation to México without any ocean/beach activities?! So we started at the PV Marina and found a fisherman that was willing to take us out on his boat, feed us beer and let us use his equipment. There was no way this trip was going to be bad.

It was about 9 am and the beer was out. The party started early. We drank and drank on the 45 min boat ride before we hit our destination - Las Marietas Islands. Snorkeling and beer probably wasn't a good combo but who cares. After a short boat tour through some small caves, high waves and other small island, we jumped out into the cool blue waters. We had 4 people on this trip that had never snorkeled. One of them (Nicole) had never even seen the ocean! Nicole was the first to jump out of the boat and we all turned to hear screams of pure excitement.

After the trip was all said and done, we did some fishing on the way back to the mainland. Now, what I didn't come prepared for was the motion sickness. The boat had slowed way down and was weaving around so the fishing activities could be had. This was the one trip I actually thought I was really really going to have actualy barf. It literally was in my throat. Usually I could keep the feeling down in my stomach or just my head but this time I was hanging over the edge of the boat. The group finally felt sorry for me and decided to go home. Sorry Erika, no banana ride.

All together the trip was about $300 and that was a bargain! Trips likes these (with all that we were promised) usually cost around $800 - $1,000 All that for so little. It was amazing and topped everyones charts. My dad even got to do his dream fishing and caught a Mahi Mahi. We were all so pleased with the whole thing - even the boat caption (he kept the Mahi Mahi for a BBQ that night).

Next post about this trip- the hidden beach.
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Photos by me.


Sarah said...

I like the bottle opener. LOL

Sweet deal on the trip! When are you starting your travel business?

{lovely little things} said...

Looks like fun!

Christy said...

@Sarah - As soon as Javier gets to the US and passes all his travel tests then we will be good to go! I can't wait.