Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas At Tulum- Part 1

What better way to spend Christmas day then at one of the best beaches in Mexico. First thing we did, jumped on a boat to snorkel in front of the Tulum ruins. Snorkeling has quickly became J and I's favorite past-time.

Tips for Snorkeling at Tulum:
1. Bring your own gear if at all possible. The boat captions that take you out on their boats are not at all professional and only have a "take what fits and works" selection of snorkel gear on their boat. Plus, it could be your excuse to bargain and pay less.

2. Go on a day that isn't cloudy. Cloudy days make for cloudy water. Also bring a solution to apply to your mask so that it won't fog up and add to the mess.

3. Go ahead and bring the alcohol! Like I said, these boat caption are not professional and I'm sure will say "hell yeah" if you give them a taste of that sweet nectar.

4. Have a swim buddy. It's very easy to get disoriented as you're busy having that starring contest with that odd creature below the surface.

5. If you find yourself not seeing a whole lot of sea life in an area, go to a totally different area. Don't feel like you have to stay where you were dropped off. Tulum did have some less populated areas but other areas were awesome and included fish and coral of all shapes, colors and sizes. Just keep an eye out for other boats on the move.

6. Price wise - don't buy tickets at the entrance of Tulum. The person there will say a snorkel trip costs 600 pesos (approx $46) and if you are Mexican, 300 pesos. Instead, if you are comfortable, go straight to the snorkeling booth on the beach and make them a deal. We have gotten as low as 150 - 100 pesos ($11/$7)! Thats what I call a deal for a 2 hour trip.

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