Monday, June 9, 2008

Inspiration #3

As I filed through stacks of art in a local air conditioned art gallery on the beaches of San Pedro, I still found myself shaking my fist at the dang airliner that made me pay cash after they had lost my reservation online. If only I had that extra $70 I could have some delightful masterpieces. I fingered the measly few coins and salt water soaked Belize bills in my pocket. It ate away at the inner artist.

But nope. I settled for this brown handmade paper with brightly colored paintings of everyday life, festivals, and iconic figures. I'm fairly pleased with my buy and proudly march it home to add to my collection.

As I unpack, I unroll my newly precious gift to myself and look it over. Oh wait, what is it that the couple and the donkey are prancing around so merrily in the upper portion of the painting?

HA! I had to laugh, it just made itself into a conversation piece.

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