Thursday, June 12, 2008

31 Places

After a long day of work and Spanish class two of my good friends stopped by my place for an intelligent conversation about history, our careers, travel and the economy. We would love to go on an international trip together but with this rapidly declining economy and higher priced flights it would leave one heck of a dent in our wallets. So we talked about an alternative road trip closer to home. The decision came down to a mountain execution in Colorado or a trip to see the twisting canyons of Utah.

The very next morning my friend sent me this link with a list of often forgotten gems. Humm, perhaps I should start researching. Number 5 and 12 are looking quite tempting!


Nomadic Matt said...


I redesigned my website. Totally redone! The link in the side needs to be switched to as the /blog.html is no longer valid!

Knight said...


Monument Valley (Route 163) is breath-taking. I've been there countless time for peace of mind and research on Native Americans' water rights.

Don't forget to order, fried bread when you're there. It's a delicious native food of the Navajo.

You'll have a blast. If you're in my State of Colorado, tip your hat off to Vail for me -- I miss home. Well, I was just there a few weeks ago but I still miss home :D LoL!!

Ben said...

5 of those are up here in the PacNorWest! I've actually done all of them but Portland this year. I hate Portland. Creepy fuckin town.