Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The In-Between

When it comes to travel, I'm a huge sightseer. I admit it. I need to say I've been there done that. But what I have noticed is that when you are buzzing around trying to get to those destinations, you're missing out on all the moments that could happen in-between. It's the in-between that keeps me traveling and loving it. It's the in-between that is the ultimate souvenir. 

My Top 10 In-Between Moments:

1. In-between biking the streets of Belize and snorkeling the depths of Shark Rey Alley, it was the canon ball jumping contest w/ the local kids that was most memorable.

2.  In-between a full day of airports & a welcome party, it was the engagement ring that was slipped onto my finger on the heights of Christo Rey mountain Gto, Mx.

3. In-between this ¡Ole! and that ¡Ole! at my first bull fight in Mx, it was the local sitting behind me asking if I was the reporter that he'd seen at other arenas in Spain & Mexico covering the Matadors. Why yes! ;-)

4. In-between dodging chicken buses in Guate & sleeping in a strange house, it was sitting with them on their couch sipping coffee, waiting for the electricity to turn back on.

5. In-between cramming 9 people into a small truck for hours and climbing Tikal, it was the 360° spin out on wet roads & just barely missing a cliff that was the most nail biting moment.

6. In-between a city tour of Arequipa, Peru and eating that nights llama, it was taking part in the crowded Corpus Christi celebrations. Brightly colored flower carpets and all.

7. In-between swaying in a hammock & talking to parrots, it was hanging out at the bar next door playing pool & drinking beer in the sweltering heat of Zacapa, Guate that can't be beat.

8.  In-between Chichen Itza & tacos in Merida, it was the running out of gas in the middle of no where at night with only the stars for company.

9. In-between the chicken bone filled tamales & a Guate masked dance, it was shooting off New Years Eve fireworks from a rooftop under a volcano while sipping Chilean wine w/ my sister.

10. In-between meeting my sponsored child & playing a game of soccer in Guate, it was his father handing me his hand crafted sculpture & shyly saying "I don't know how to thank you."

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Kyle said...

I looooove this post!!!

Especially number 10. I actually teared up reading about that moment.

Christy said...

Thanks Kyle, I think #10 is my favorite as well.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photo, and great list. Good luck!

laradunston said...

Thanks for entering our competition! Loved that you themed this! Just letting you know winners will be announced today.