Saturday, January 2, 2010


Four days ago a 73 year old named Bob Hentzen (founder of CFCA) started a walk for the poor that will cover 12 countries. It started in Guatemala and will end in Chile. Each day he will walk approx. 20-25 miles covering about 8,000 miles. In 1996 he walked from Kansas City all they way down to San Lucas Toliman Guatemala and this time it is about four times that. I spread the word only because I know this is being done for the poor and and this is big for them. I know the intentions are true and I know love will be brought to these people through this event.

"By walking with them, we are saying, 'You are not alone,'" Hentzen said. "We are listening to you and learning from you."

See day one of the walk - video here.
Browse the website here.
Follow his trip here.

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