Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Santiago Atitlan

Boat ride on Lake Atitlan to the town of Santiago Atitlan. I always nab the front seat for the awesome views. Here we visited projects, walked around town, spent time in the crazy market with the locals, did some shopping and visited a town that is still in horrible condition after an attempt to recover from a deadly mudslide. The government decided to build temporary homes right back under the deadly volcano and 3 years later - no change. Way to put forth some effort.


[F]oxymoron said...

Why build in the same exact... there is a deadly volcano STILL here... location?

Did the people refuse to relocate?

Christy said...

Well the thing about Guatemala is that a majority of the people aren't able to own land. If they do, they need money and permission from the gov. So when the gov. offers housing/land (as horrible as it is) they probably feel as though they have no choice. So it's back to tin walls under a dangerous volcano.

Anonymous said...