Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Bite My Thumb At Birds & Swine

So guess who is going to Mexico for 4 months in as little as 15 days? That would be my sister and I. Yep heading to ground zero of the Swine Flu. This was a lovely piece of news that flashed on my screen this morning - gooood morning to ya. But you know what, there are cases of it here in my home state, so you can't always let things like that stop you from doing your dreams. I actually had the flu 2 weeks ago......never want that to happen again. So I'll just have to think twice about everything I do and hope and pray I stay in good shape. Now I'm off to go buy some Airborn, Tamiflu, hand sanitizer and maybe a flu shot for whatever slim chance it may help. Wish me luck!


Nomadic Matt said...

try not to get swine flu

Anonymous said...
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