Tuesday, March 10, 2009


As a Personal Outreach Advocate for Christian Foundation For Children & Aging (CFCA) I encourage you to sponsor a child. If you have been reading my blog, I write about how I have seen the results of sponsorship first hand. I have seen with my own eyes where the money goes. Not only does sponsoring help the child, but also the family and the community they live in. For only $30 a month you can make a child look forward to his/her future and make their quality of life that much better. I truly trust this organization and can say I personally know the President/Founder and have stood beside him amongst the many beautiful children being sponsored. So what is it....use the money for a couple beers on a Friday night and deal with the hangover the next day or truly change someones life? Some think that money follows the heart. But sometimes the heart follows the money.

Since I have been back I have already had a few friends sign up. Please, I challenge you. Start here or read their blog here.

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