Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sponsorship - Part 2

The hours were passing, the afternoon was soon arriving and the air was becoming more warm. Fellow sponsors were becoming comfortable with this new friends and relationships were noticeably becoming stronger by the minute. Yet, I sat there with Reina and her family and really started to wonder if Edwin was even going to come. I was starting to get a little bummed. I wanted so bad to meet Edwin. I had been sponsoring him for 7-8 years now, I have always prayed for him and even had tried to meet him once before but the circumstances didn't allow it. I really thought this time I would see him.

Luis, a friend of mine that works for CFCA in Guatemala, soon came around the corner with a smile on his face and told me "Edwin is here." He informed me that they had driven for 10 hours and had gotten lost at the Mexico border. Such a long drive! It was then that Edwin walked through the door followed by his dad. I was so happy I didn't know how to act or what to say. I pretty much jumped up and hugged him. He was so much bigger than I had imagined! He was a 14 year old handsome young man! And when he spoke an unexpected low voice hit me. Wow, I have been part of his life for a long time now and it was so crazy to finally see him in's hard to explain.

I showed him all the gifts I had brought for him and he then went to the car to get my gift. He came back with this large wooden carving. It was a twisted dark wood post with about 9 little prongs coming out the sides. I had no idea what it was but it was beautiful. Now I know how parents feel when they are given finger paintings that look like nothing familiar but they become the most cherished thing you own. And I must say, I was the proud owner of the most unique gift there. We then talked for a few minutes and it was difficult because him and his father were so incredibly shy. Sometimes Edwin wouldn't know how to answer a question and he would just hang his head down. I wanted so bad to show him how much I loved him, to know him more and become friends. But he was so shy.

Later Edwin and I played a game of soccer verse my sister and Melvin. After a couple minutes, 2 boy (couldn't have been older than 6-7 years old) joined in. Not five mints later I was wheezing and coughing like an asthmatic smoker. These 6 year olds were kicking my butt! Every once in a while I'd do some fancy foot work that would baffle them and I'd feel like David Beckham for a split second but in the end we lost. And when people asked how we lost so bad I'd just replied with "well I didn't want to trample any little kids so I took it easy on them." No one bought it.

Afterwards it was time for food. All three families surrounded around Andrea and I at the table.
It felt like we were all one family and it was a time of celebration. At lunch I was able to talk with Edwin's dad and the words that came out of his mouth bout made tears come out of my eyes. I clinched my jaw so my chin wouldn't quiver and give me away. He told me that seeing me was so unreal because he didn't think I actually existed. And for me to come all the way down from the states just for his son - he couldn't believe and it filled his heart with so much joy. He thanked me for being part of Edwin's life and it had to have been the most real thank you I had ever seen.

My time with Edwin and his father was short, very short. A little over an hour after lunch I had to say goodbye. Goodbyes are not an easy thing for me. We hugged, took photos, hugged again and walked to the front entrance to see them off. Watching Edwin walk away made me so emotional I finally broke down and cried and hid my face with my jacket. If only I had more time with him. If only....

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Dirk said...

What a great experience to get to meet your sponsored child. I'm sure it is something you will always remember.