Monday, June 16, 2008


It was about this week 3 years ago when I was in Guatemala and my grandpa had died. I had done a morning of shopping in Antigua and stopped by a McDonalds for lunch. At this particular McDonalds you receive internet time with every purchase, so I was able to finally check my email. I skimmed the inbox to find an email saying my grandpa had passed away. I walked back to my table, put my head down and cried. The family I was with had plans to visit their own grandpa's grave right after lunch, but when they noticed me crying all the way down the street, that plan was soon canceled.

Being out of the country and not being able to say goodbye or attend the funeral was hard. The way I dealt with it was through my photography. Above is a photo I took of one of my grandpa's antique jars and a photo of him, my dad, and my uncle wrapped up inside.

I then gave it to my dad that Christmas.

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