Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ahead of the Line

Today I ran across this CLEAR card that large airports (so far 18) are starting to use. It's a $128 a year fee and it pretty much allows you to cut to the head of the line at security. Very similar to toll booths. This allows you to not have to arrive at the airport so early. You can come at a decent time, just scan your card, the machine scans your iris and your fingerprints and then someone comes around to do a personal security check.

Is this fair? I don't know. I kind of have mixed feelings about it. I'm sure it's great if you travel by plane twice a month. Heck yeah! But what about the others who are still arriving late to their next flight and aren't lucky enough to cut everyone in line? It might just be me, but I think airport security is much more of a pain in the butt to get through than a toll booth and always a much longer wait. Shoot, build some more security areas - problem solved.

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