Monday, April 14, 2008

Is That Sanitary?

The one thing that everyone notices when they first travel anywhere in Latin America, are the crazy amounts of dogs. That was actually the first comment my sister made on the way to our hotel the first day.

Now I have become used to see dogs on every street corner, on roof tops, and taking naps in gutters. But this island was full of some really annoying ones. We would be sitting and eating in a restaurant and dogs would just wonder in and start having some serious dog fights right under our table. I'm talking about tooth punctured eye balls, foaming mouths, ripped fur coats, and blood on restaurant floors. Pretty sure this one girl started crying. Shoot, even Andrea and I thought about giving up looking cool and jumping up on the table to save our legs from getting chewed up while we ate our cheeseburgers! Restaurant employees stood near by and shrugged their shoulders like "eh, whats a little entertainment while you eat?"

This sign I just found slightly ironic because only about 5% of the dogs on the island are maybe owned, groomed, cared for, or leashed. Who picks up the poo of the other 95% of the dogs? Or maybe I just think that any public advertising of poo is funny.

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