Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm A Trouble Maker

I'm back! Belize was awesome. It was an adventure and I made alot of new friends. I pretty much didn't want to come back. As I was told by many happy go lucky Rastafarian's, it's paradise man.

My sister Andrea and I packed for almost an entire day trying to fit everything we needed into 2 carry-ons. We were going standby on American Airlines. So we dressed in our most comfy business attire
and rolled our suitcases down the halls of Mid-Continent Airport like two jetsetters.

This is where my delinquent terrorist self came into play. My sister gets through customs fine with her cool little pass. I put all my crap on the x-ray belt and walk through. BEEP Oops my shoes. Go through again, BEEP "Miss, pull over to the side."
Apparently I had one to many 3 ounce liquids for their liking. Now my liquids are all in baggies but that wasn't good enough for them, they had to use their baggy. And of course, it all fits. That is after I had to tell one of the guards that toilet paper is NOT a liquid after he tried stuffing it in the bag. Keep in mind, they let my sister go through with even more liquids than I had. BEEP This is followed by another "Miss, you are on a roll." They decide to dig through my suitcase in search for a weapon. They dig out my harmonica and say "Oh this is a gun clip" and run it through the x-ray all by itself just in case they were tricked and it really wasn't a freakin harmonica. Then they topped it off with handing me some "reading material" aka rule sheet. Is this what our airport security has come to? Old dudes on power trips? Now I've traveled many a times before, but this time I was beyond annoyed.

The old dude on a power trip was followed by our planes computer system failing, a delay of 2+ hours in Dallas for "cleaning", the airport in Belize screwing up my reservations, and lastely they lost track of my luggage on a flight thats 15 minutes long. By then I wasn't the slightest bit surprised.

A week before the trip I booked two seats with Maya Island Air for a Cessna Caravan to take us to Ambergris Caye. But th
ey decided that I was crazy and did not pay with my credit card and that I do not know how to work the internet. HA! So, word to the wise, don't trust their website. Anyways we I had to pay with out of pocket cash (there went my spending money).

Once I was on the flight I had a sense of relief come over me. We were finally getting to our final destination. That and I knew I wasn't going to get sick this time because of my cool new motion sickness patch.

The baggage guys asked if we wanted the co-pilot seat. I let Andrea have the honor. By the time we got to the island we were so dead tired and hungry from being up for 33+ hours without food that we just hit the nearest restaurant and then passed out. The only thing that went smoothly that day was our hotel reservations, thank you God.

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