Monday, October 17, 2011

Hotel Review - Riviera Caribe Maya

Hotel Riviera Caribe Maya, a home away from home. Also a hotel with a very long name. But this hotel surprised me with excellent customer service. From our first steps out of the taxi and into the lobby we were greeted with a smile and an employee that knew exactly who we were. "Are you looking for Javier?" Why yes I was! I was meeting my husband, who had arrived that morning, and our greeter knew we were the two gringas he had been waiting for. Finally, someone that cares about their guests and speaks English! Our room was small but large enough for 3 beds. It was on the first floor and one step away from the refreshing pool. Perfect. No walking necessary. It was like it was our own personal swimming oasis and great for a pool, patio, cerveca sequence on repeat.

This hotel may look small but it packs a good 21 rooms and the ability to make you think you might just be staying at a boutique like hotel. It's beautiful spiral staircase curls around a circular seating area with all the most hipster and gossip magazine for your reading pleasure. Would you expect anything else from Playa? Every room has a working air conditioner, fridge and mini bar. Their suites come with a classy rooftop pool overlooking the city. Now that's a way to chill in style! Internet is free and available at all hours and there is a café right next door for your complimentary breakfast. Keep in mind, it only includes toast and coffee. Not to worry, the menu lists an array of Mexican dishes that range from $5-$8. Very budget friendly and filling.

Location wise, it's one block from 5th Avenue and about a 5 minute walk from the beach. If you are one to complain about noise pollution, Playa may not be the place for you. From early in the morning to late at night we heard music, sport games, traffic and Mariachi bands singing to their hearts content. For us, it added to the atmosphere.

When it came time for us to leave, we had to some how arrange for a trustworthy taxi at 4 a.m. The reliable hotel staff was willing to wake us and have our taxi waiting. That was one less thing to worry about on a hectic travel day. I had a wonderful stay and would be honored to stay again. Maybe this time with the rooftop pool.

Hotel Riviera Caribe Maya
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Kyle said...

The hotel looks BEAUTIFUL!

Christy said...

@Kyle I know right! It was perfect size and style for Playa.