Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 Things To Do In Chicago With Only 24 Hours

Last weekend, I took a girls trip with my mom and sister and jetted off to Chicago on a Friday night flight after we all got off work, blood shot eyes and all. We attempted the trip last month but the flight cancelled, so this was our last chance because of conflicting schedules. After we landed, the smell of the subway filled my senses. It was my first time. The two hour subway ride and walk-a-thon through the streets weakened our already frail bodies. We made it in one piece to our beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of the city - The Inn of Chicago. Oh but don't kick up those heels just yet, we had 24 hours of full throttle activities scheduled ahead of us and there wasn't any time penciled in for resting. It was a jammed packed timeline with one goal - see as much of Chicago as possible. On your mark, get set .....

The three of us were only in the Windy City for a Saturday, so seeing everything wasn't really possible. So below, I've come up with a must do list of things to do and see in Chicago if you only had 24 hours to do it. Don't forget your trusty map! Or if your phone works, your GPS.

Here is a list of activities that can all be done in one day if planned accordingly:

1. The Subway -
Ride the subway and people watch. Probably not at 4 am though (trust us). Price: 3 day pass - $14

2. Willis Tower Sky Deck -
Be sure to get there before 9 a.m. or you'll be waiting in line for quite a while. Lines were already out the doors and around the block by 11 am. You can also get a "Fast Pass" for $35 and wait in the express lane. Might be worth it with this full schedule. Price: $17

3. Millennium Park -
Here you will find the famous Cloud Gate and Crown Fountain. Next door you might get lucky and catch an artist showcasing his/her music at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. It's design will make you wish you had time to catch a full concert. Price: FREE

4. River Boat Cruise -
Tired of walking? Take a a tour of the city's architecture on Chicago's waterways. Heads up! Price: $30

5. Uno -
Chicago's first deep dish pizza restaurant. Be prepared to wait an hour, the pizza is slow cookin. Price: $12 - $22

6. Portillo's -
Dare to eat a mouthful of the Chicago style hotdog? Total man food. Price: $10

7. Art Insititue of Chicago -
Escape the sun and spend a couple hours at this art museum with four floors of art. Maybe you'll be lucky and see a Vincent van Gogh! Price: $18

8. Navy Pier -
Walk down to the Navy Pier and do a little souvenir shopping and take a look at the ocean, I mean Lake Michigan. Or maybe even ride the ferris wheel

9. Locally Owned Restaurant -
Pick a locally owned restaurant in the area and dine like a local and not a tourist. We stepped into a quaint little Armenian Restaurant, named Sayat-Nova, that was located below a fortune teller's studio. The food, environment and service was excellent. Price: $16

10. Innbar Of Chicago -
End the night by sipping on a cocktail at one of the only rooftop bars in the city with one heck of a view. Price: 1 beer $6

You think you could get all this done in one day?


Kyle said...

Ahhhh, summer. You're making me jealous with these pictures! Though to be fair, we've had our share of nice days down here in the Southern Hemisphere lately :)

Christy said...

Glad you have had some nice weather! Chicago was a relief for us compared to Kansas heat. It was beautiful but still slightly humid.

Anonymous said...

Do you recommend The Signature Room? Is it fun to go to Chicago during March?