Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just Horsing Around

Since I no longer own my horse, I have found some creative ways to fill that void. A couple weeks ago I was able to snag a polo lesson. It started out on the wooden horse in a "batting cage", then on foot in a 4 on 4 game, then right up onto a horse. The whole next week my right forearm was dead and useless but the experience was great!

On Labor Day weekend I found a horse race here in Kansas! It sure wasn't anything I expected. It was about a 20 min drive out into the country. Then out in the middle of some open fields in Halstead, Kansas there was a quarter of a mile race track. And these weren't just any cow poke horses....they were the real deal racing kind. Bets were shouted from side to side across the track and the horses flew by every 20 min throwing dust into the air. I just sucked on my Egg-Nog ice cream and enjoyed myself the whole afternoon.

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Nomadic Matt said...

No horsing around! hehehe