Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hotel Review - Villa Montaña, Morelia

On my trip to Mexico last week, my husband and I stayed at this beautiful hotel called Villa Montaña in Morelia. Morelia is the capital of Michoacán and located between Mexico City and Guadalajara and I think this hotel was definitely a small gem in the mist of a seemingly day to day city. As we arrived and passed through the entrance and beyond it's walls, you see nothing but blooming trees and floral of all colors. Compared to the outside, it was like entering a secret garden. It was quiet except for the singing of birds, the purr of a cat and the sweet smells of greenery wafted past your nose. Our bags were taken care of as we promptly were set up with a room in a massive colonial styled lobby with all of my favorite type of decor. The designer in me wanted to ask to take the rustic wood reception desk home.

I had been in airports for 8 hours and a bus for 3 and needed some food. We quickly found the hotel restaurant with the help of piano music echoing through the garden. We oooo'd and aaaa'd then ordered some food and sat out on a large deck overlooking the city. Oh did I mention the hotel is on top of a mountain with a great view? Sure is! But back to dinner - my fetachini alfredo and Jav's steak was delic!

The hotel staff was always very courteous and helpful. Not once did they seem to not have us totally in mind. They were there to serve. The room was delightful and cottage like. Many rooms included a fireplace, flat screen tv, robes and slippers! Oh and even a bath tub! A bath tub in Mexico!? Get out!

Each room was it's own building, away from distracting noises. The pebbled walkways were sprinkled with flower pedals - almost like they were put there daily for guests. At the bottom of the hill was the pool. It was a bright blue in contrast with the grey of the city in the distance. The temperature was perfect for soaking in. No need to creep into this basin of water. But wait, once you were tired of swimming those laps, there was a spa right next door to cure the days achy muscles. It was like a tunnel to serenity. You enter worn out but come out like you had slept for 8 hours (so they say). Adios Villa Montaña, you were a breath of fresh air, an oasis in the middle of a concrete city.

Photos by me.


amy said...

Such a gorgeous place! It looks like the perfect place to clear your head and take it all in.

{lovely little things} said...

Beautiful! Love those purple flowers.