Saturday, January 23, 2010

This Week's Obsession:

Tilt Shift Photography
I had seen this done on some videos a while back and didn't know what this effect was even called to research it. It made me go crazy with wonder! I just kept looking at the videos, that I knew were real, but everything looked like a miniature. But today I hit the jackpot and found my answers. What I thought would be a difficult process was actually very easy in photoshop. Just a little mask here, gradient blur there, a hue/saturation adjustment to top off the toy like character and you're there! Really nothing much is done to manipulate the photo at all. It's all just a trick of the eye. It's really about the narrow depth of field. With the foreground and background completely blurred out, you lose all sense of scale. It's an effect that works best when taken from above. And here are two samples I came up with. I love how this brings a whole new life to my photos!

Tilt Shift Maker : For those non photoshoppers.
Photoshop Tutorial: For the photoshop genius.
50 Beautiful Examples from around the world.
Photo locations: Guanajuato & Tulum, Mx


amy said...
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amy said...

I'm also fascinated by tilt shift. I'll have to try it out sometime. Below is a link of more great examples. This Web site has some fun tips and photo inspiration.

Christy said...

Those were some awesome samples! The first and second ones were just crazy to me.

Sarah said...

Awesome examples! Thanks for the PS tutorial.

Steven Shippy said...

You did good job with your photos! Sometimes you can add some nice touches with a bit of lens distortion too. If you want to get really fancy, you can airbrush out some details to give things a more plastic-y look. There's so much fun stuff you can experiment with!

I too was having an obsession with this a few months ago and I was at work when I stumbled across this video:

It was so mesmerizing that I think I sat there and watched it for a good 30 minutes!

Christy said...

Steven that was a super cool video! Yeah I got stuck watching it as well and had to force myself to go do something else. Thanks for sharing!