Monday, May 4, 2009

New Years

Yes I know New Years was like 4 months ago but I'm just now getting to it. The night started out with a special dinner and slide show and Andrea and I were pretty much the stars of the slide show. We had our own paparazzi the whole trip. When I sat down for dinner, I was ready to party. Afterwards there was a dance and firework show. Above is a picture of a crafted cow/bull with a person inside with fireworks shooting off of it. The day before I had busted it when I had kicked a soccer ball and it went crazy. Found out later I totally broke it and they had to start over. Oops. At least they thought it was funny.

Two boxes of Chilean wine later - we were up on the roof again shooting off fireworks of our own. We joined in with the town of San Lucas Toliman and brought in the New Years. After the crowd had left we hung out and enjoyed the first night of 2009 next to a volcano with a cool breeze and clear sky cluttered with stars till 4 am. Bliss.


Dave & Deb said...

I love that it is boxes of wine and not bottles. That is my kind of new year. We were in Africa last year traveling from south to north and by the time we reached Zambia, we were buying boxes regularly!

Anonymous said...

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