Monday, April 6, 2009

Our Rooftops

In Guatemala, rooftops were our sanctuary, our hang out, and it was our "no trespassing zone" for those over the age of 30. It was a place for quiet moments as well as celebrations. It was a place were we would soak in the wonder around us, breathe in the fresh cool air and then smoke a cig or two. It was also our time to reflect on the day we just experienced. The chilled midnight wind would run through our bones but we were ok because it was our time to make new friendships, let loose, be immature and even sneak in a little of our friend - Ron Botran and raise our glasses and chant "here here Guatemala, salud!"

Side Note: We thought that 2nd photo would have been a cruel cruel email to send back home to the folks. ;-) It did cross our minds.

1 comment:

[F]oxymoron said...

What the #^%$*%# !!!

My google reader goes from idyllic mountain scene with blond holding Pepsi to ...

... blond laying in pool of dried up paint!

I'm left with one simple question... where is the Pepsi bottle in the 2nd pic!