Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lack of a Sea Experience

So at some point all three of us decided to fish out the local snorkeling company. The only one in the area that sounded as if it had potential was Sea Experience. Lets just say it wasn't such a great experience. Actually, the snorkeling part of it sucked. My friend Sarah had never been snorkeling so we tried to not ruin it for her. First off we waited for a good hour to get started. They then gave us a tour through mansion valley were people like Tomkat and Tiger Woods live. That part was okay. Then there was the wonderful glass bottom boat experience.....or lack there of. I think I was able to point out some awesome blocks of cement! Oh and I forgot to mention the bus load of somewhat special kids that were on our boat. This one girl insisted on getting past my seat and sitting oddly close to me while talking to herself the whole time.

But I had hope it would get better, it had to. I then realized that we were never asked for shoe sizes for out fins. Crap, we were being given the one size fits all adjustable kind. No good! Then flotation devises? No! I gathered my group to the front to be the first in the water because there was no way I'd be waiting behind school bus kids. We get in and search for fish and coral......and search....and search. Not much to look at. So I just practiced my Michael Phelps swimming skills the whole time with crap
flippers against one heck of a hard current.

Before this trip, we had a joke about 'hitting on a boat caption' (inside joke from Belize boat captions). Well, halfway through the swim my friend Erika ran head on into the Sea Experience boat caption while snorkeling. They both popped up yelling "ohhh man ouuuch!" with damaged foreheads. The boat caption exclaimed back "that has never happened to me before!" Well, she hit on her boat caption. Didn't really suprise me - he was kinda a dudebro

In the end
it was fun but not the best snorkeling. I was glad I was the first off the boat because those kids had maybe 5 minutes swim time due to their slowness. All I can say is save your money and don't take this little trip. And to top it all off, I once again got motion sick and my friends took pictures. Go figure.

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