Monday, November 10, 2008

No Longer First Class Virgin

Even though this entry about my Florida trip is about 4 months over due, I thought I'd take a stab at it even though the details are a bit foggy.

It all started when I scored the chance to fly first class and only pay 1/2 the price of a economy class seat. My two friends and I were all pumped to leave the stress of the advertising world and just beach it up all weekend long and have a girls getaway. Unfortunately we got to the airport and had a snag right off the bat - we were told by the man at the ticket counter that there was no chance we would get out of Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale so we should just go home. I said "heck no, I'll take the chance of sleeping in Atlanta if we don't make it." So off we went! The flight there included many hours of sitting on the tarmac not moving. We thought for sure we missed our connecting flight. So we ran through the airport and made it just before the plane left the dock. Thank goodness.

This next leg was my turn to sit first class and chat it up with my friend Erika (Sarah and I switch classes every leg). And because the ticket was free we totally took advantage of the free drinks! After being smashed up against a lady in the back of the plane blabbing about how she just got out of jail for hours, I was ready to drink. So after about 3 Roman Cokes the Flight Attendant asked me, "Do you fly with us often? I think I know you." I said "nope." And she continued to insists that she did. She then talked about us and pointed us out to her coworkers. Were we being loud drunks? Did I have this continuing drunk grin on my face? Who knows. But then she came over after our 4th drink and said "I added extra liquor in this one for ya, I'm so proud of you ladies."

Soon the ocean was in view from the sky and we said our goodbyes to the flight attendant and were off to rent a car. Problem was, who was going to drive? Empty stomachs + booze + 4 am = ooops. So we got past the big man giving us the car keys and we headed to the hotel - the Sheraton Yankee Clipper. And get this, the hotel was shaped like a cruise ship. Not even joking.

We then topped off the night running around on the beach at 5 am yelling, "We made it!"


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oh man, I want to know who that flight attendant thought you were!

Nomadic Matt said...

I love first class. Flew it once in my life on a short flight. Did enjoy the free drinks!

I too wonder who they thought you were. maybe someone famous?

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