Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What a Stud

So far this month, I feel as though I have been running around with my head chopped off. Would it be at all gross if I said it could possibly be better if it really was? And I'm sorry to any readers, but posts will come. My life this month has come in a package of many many changes all at once. One of which is that I moved my beautiful Arabian horse Skyflight Arax (see photography above) to a new home. It's further away and I hope that doesn't mean I see him less and less....I'm kinda lazy when it comes to driving.

Some other changes: nose ring - out. Sad. I've had it for a good 4-5 years but it had to happen sometime. And then there is my move to a new casa, constant back issues, many trips around the US, and then the newly frantic job search. Boo hiss. Lets just say my chi needs some cleaning.

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