Thursday, May 8, 2008

Reluctant To Leave

So it was then our last day in Belize. We woke up extremely hung over and with only about 3 hours of sleep, no thanks to the partying the night before. We both weren't feeling so hot so I loaded up on some Imodium and Dramamine before heading out the door. We were in a slight mess. We had to return our bikes and then go do about a 25 min walk with our luggage down the beach to the water taxi, all in an extremely timely manner. We thought about just putting the bags in the bike basket and going from there. We soon learned that our balancing skills weren't that great with 20+ pounds added to the front. So we decided to walk down the beach looking like fools until some taxi driver felt sorry for us and picked us worked.

We sat at the dock for a while with our tickets and tanned our sunburns some more. With the help of the taxi driver, we got there sooner than expected. For a while we were the only ones. Then when it came time to actually loading up, everyone and there baby were cramming onto the boat. We were 2 of maybe 5 non locals on the boat. That included the goofy tourist man in the middle of the photo. To the right of him were 3 criminals all handcuffed together. One of which we had seen walking the streets of San Pedro couple days before. But to say the least, they were the most happy go lucky cheerful criminals I had every seen. They even tried striking up a conversation.

After a 1 hour boat ride we docked in Belize City, it was like a whole new world. Think New Orleans but way more run down, cluttered, and weathered. Cool looking though I must say. I would have loved to take some photos. The other white couple on the boat offered to split a taxi ride with us to the airport, we were in. We so lucked out on that. If they hadn't of done that, I wouldn't have had enough money to exit the country. Gah it was pricey. Once again I blame Maya Island Air.

Of course the Central American Airport was a breeze to get through. But once again, coming back into America was a pain in the butt. Andrea slid right on through with a cheesy smile. Me on the other hand, I get in trouble....again. It was deja vu watching them dig through my luggage. Maybe being blond has something to do with getting off easy? Or maybe it was my burned face that looked as though it witnessed a nuclear bomb go off?

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Nomadic Matt said...

I loved Belize. Were you on caye caulker?