Saturday, March 8, 2008

Carnaval Party

Last month my work had a Carnaval themed party and I was on the planning committee. I had an itch to paint something (and I was inspired by a painting I saw on the net) so I ended up creating this for the event poster and invites. I'm working on uploading a large image for viewing but I'm always faced with a big ERROR pop up window. The whole idea of the party was about giving into temptation for one last night before Lent. So the top portion is a Brazil landscape. Below is of course the female figure with Portuguese wording about temptation as the design on her suite. To the right is an old hotel like sign pointing down to hell with the name of the party destination on it. The additional stuff adds to the scenery of Brazil and party aka beads and frills. I've heard others ideas of what it all means, so I guess it's up to the viewer really! But thats what was going through my head at the time. Enjoy!

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