Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It started with me dreaming
and getting bored one night and surfing the web on whats out there to possibly go see. It was mainly to fill my thoughts so that my mind can wonder and dream of the places I wish I could go to. Every couple of days while I was sitting at work I'd say to myself "just go somewhere, you will be much happier if you did". So I put my foot down and made myself just pick a place and just do it.

It was between Brazil and Peru. I wanted to go to Brazil and see the large statue of Jesus (Christ the Redeemer) or go to Peru and see Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines. Peru seemed much easier to get into the country and not have to deal with getting visas and all that jazz. So that made my decision.

I grabbed my friend Ben (who had mentioned to me that he had time and money to travel) and made him go with me. I knew he wouldn't say no. While searching for a travel agency, my eye was caught by a nicely design website. If it's designed nice it has got to be a good one. Not really, but I won't lie, that does cross my mind. Heck I'm a graphic designer and work at an Ad Agency, give me a break. And well, their good sense of design won a happy client.

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